This week, I'm starting a new project: an application that will automatically upload camera content from Firefox OS to ownCloud. The application will automatically create backups of photos and video content and push them to cloud storage.

The information transfer happens via WebDAV, a protocol that extends HTTP to facilitate file management in situations where multiple agents are creating or changing documents. While I'm designing the application to work specifically with ownCloud, I'm aiming to write code that is more generally compatible with the WebDAV protocol, so that it can be reused by other developers using the same protocol to transmit media.

I'm working on this project as one of ownCloud's interns for the May-August round of the Outreach Program for Women, a project organized by the GNOME Foundation. OPW is similar to Google Summer of Code in structure, but runs twice per year, and is open to "anyone who identifies as a woman, genderqueer, genderfluid, or genderfree," regardless of student status. For newcomers to the FLOSS community, it's a program worth exploring.